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Bathtub Refinishing: Is It Always the Right Choice?

Bathtub Refinishing Raleigh

Bathtub refinishing, also known as resurfacing, has long been hailed as a cost-effective solution for maintaining the appearance and functionality of bathtubs. But is it always the best approach? This article dives into when bathtub refinishing is recommended and when it might be better to consider a replacement.

The Benefits of Bathtub Refinishing

Cost-efficient Solution

One of the main advantages of bathtub refinishing is the cost savings. Refinishing can cost as little as half of the price of a new tub, offering significant savings for homeowners.


Bathtub refinishing is a relatively quick process, taking approximately 4-5 hours. In comparison, replacing a bathtub usually requires days, if not weeks, to complete due to the removal, installation, and potential plumbing adjustments.

Less Messy

Refinishing is less disruptive and messy as it avoids the demolition required for a bathtub replacement.

Limitations of Bathtub Refinishing

Despite its benefits, bathtub refinishing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It's worth noting that this process doesn't address underlying structural issues. But don't fret! Refinishing Pros can come in and help with your chip or crack repairs before refinishing.

Cracks in the Tub

Bathtubs, especially those made of fiberglass, can exhibit two types of cracks:

  1. Surface Cracks: These are web-like formations on the surface caused by the gel coat drying out over time. Surface cracks can be effectively repaired through refinishing.

  2. Structural Cracks: These are more serious cracks that impact the structure of the bathtub. Refinishing can only mask these cracks temporarily but does not address the root cause.

Bathtub Refinishing Is Always an Option

Bathtub Refinishing is the economical and efficient way to restore your bathtub's appearance. Understanding the specific issues affecting your bathtub and the options you have while searching for the best refinishing company in North Carolina is a great way to help improve the overall use of your bathtub.

Have concerns about your bathtub's condition? Contact us today. Our team of professionals can evaluate your bathtub and recommend the best course of action, whether it's refinishing or replacement.


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