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Our Professional
Refinishing Services 

Welcome to Refinishing Pros, your premier company for top-tier refinishing services in North Carolina.

With experience in an array of resurfacing solutions, we are dedicated to transforming your home with craftsmanship and attention to detail. From the luster of a newly refinished bathtub to the sleek appeal of resurfaced countertops, our expert team harnesses cutting-edge techniques and eco-friendly practices to resurface and reglaze various surfaces in your home. Whether it's the timeless elegance of porcelain and ceramic or the durability of plastics and metals, Refinishing Pros has the skill and experience to breathe new life into your cherished spaces. Explore our diverse range of services and discover how we can enhance the aesthetics and value of your home with our unique refinishing touch.

Elevate your bathroom's ambiance with our professional bathtub refinishing services, designed to restore shine and extend the life of your tub. Our skilled professionals use resurfacing and reglazing  techniques to provide cost efficient refinishing services.

Revitalize your kitchen or bathroom with our countertop refinishing services, offering an economical way to upgrade your counters to a modern, durable surface. Countertop refinishing and reglazing can be a major upgrade to your home.

Discover the potential of most surfaces in your home with our unique refinishing services, tailored to accommodate a wide range of materials including metals, plastics, and wood. Our innovative techniques and custom finishes transform ordinary surfaces into standout features. Need something refinished? Just ask our team here.

Transform your shower area with our shower refinishing solutions, perfect for eradicating wear and revitalizing the overall appearance. We apply advanced techniques to ensure a seamless, resurfacing finish that rejuvenates your shower space.

Breathe new life into your tiles with our tile reglazing services, ideal for updating the look of your floors, walls, and backsplashes without the hassle of replacement. We ensure a smooth, long-lasting shine and an updated look to any room.

Our crack and chip repair services are vital for maintaining the integrity and aesthetics of your refinishing projects. We expertly blend repairs into the surrounding area, ensuring a flawless finish that stands up to daily use and looks impeccable. Whether you need refinishing, reglazing, or just a repair, Refinishing Pros can do it!

Bathtub Refinishing
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